04:18 Mar 21, 2021
'So you thought that Thor\'s hammer \'Mjölnir\' had been destroyed?!? Well I managed to summon the hammer back from the dead to bring you an all new #GETKIDSMOVING WORKOUT!  This new workout is the next instalment in ‘THE AVENGERS TRAINING ACADEMY\' you get the chance to train just like one of THE AVENGERS. Just click play and follow along with your chosen superhero and get yourself ready to help defeat THANOS and save the universe.  You have 30secs work and 10secs rest. Perform these 6 exercises 4 times round with a 50secs rest in-between rounds. Try to perform this 2-3 times this week and Get yourself ready to take on THANOS :)  THOR Your Exercises :- ODIN BLASTS  - 30sec ASGARD SMASH - 30secs ODIN BLASTS - 30secs HELA STRIKES - 30secs HEIMDALL HITS - 30secs HELA STRIKES - 30secs  If you take it on, Take a picture or video and tag @glennhigginsfitness (INSTAGRAM) and  @GH__FITNESS (TWITTER) and I\'ll repost it  

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