'Playfit Slim: is oriented to fitness-conscious economical smartwatches.'

'Playfit Slim: is oriented to fitness-conscious economical smartwatches.'
02:23 May 25

'recently made available for young users who are keen on keeping up regular workouts. The Playfit Slim is a perfectly respectable looking round watch is rather short. Just clip the watch into the cradle to charge the battery which lasts about a week or even more if it’s on standby. The underneath of the watch will blink green because that’s where the heart rate sensor is located. It was adequately accurate with that measurement as well as with SpO2 which it also does. The 1.28-inch LCD display is really surprisingly bright and doesn’t come with any compromise in the viewing angle. There are a few watch faces to choose from. There’s a little button on one side that you use to navigate the watch whose display is in any case touch enabled. You pair the watch most easily via the Playfit app on the Google Play Store. It’s a no-fuss connection and very quick. It’s from the app that you can see at one glance all the options in each section. For the most part a number of players are flooding the market with options that cost very little. The Playfit Slim is one such choice and there are a large number of them. Even weigh toning and jumping jacks are listed as workouts as is cricket and hockey. There are 24 sports modes. And when you’re tired out the workouts and sleep is captured in the app from where you can keep track of it. For what it costs designed to look not too different from a regular one. It also looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. It even comes in a box that is impressive for the price. We had a black version to review - the other is a blue. It’s on the larger side which is why I suppose it’s called Slim this watch is about tracking workouts'

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