'WCLN - Physics - Forces 3 - Measurement'

'WCLN - Physics - Forces 3 - Measurement'
02:55 Jun 14, 2023
'This video follows Forces 1 and 2.  This tutorial is about the measurement of forces.  It includes Newtons, floor scale, spring scale, compression, and tension.  http://www.BCLearningNetwork.com.  0:00to this point we talked a little about how big forces can be but how exactly do 0:06we measure forces so we can compare them a little better 0:11well first of all let\'s learn that forces are measured in Newtons which we 0:18show with a capital M 0:19and this unit is named in honour of Sir Isaac Newton a physicist and a true 0:27genius who is impacted me incredible amount of today\'s technology remember 0:34that the force of gravity or wait is a force so you can measure the weight of 0:41anything in Newtons to get a feel for the size of a new I medium Apple weighs 0:49about one million so to Newton force is twice as big as I one Newton force and 0:59of course at 10 Newton force is ten times as big as r1 million force note 1:08that an old-fashioned way to measure your weight is in pounds which we still 1:13hear from time to time therefore to describe your way to a scientist or 1:18someone who wants it in modern SSI units you would have to convert it to Newton\'s 1:24so if weight as a force and we can measure weight on the floor scale then 1:32we have one good way to measure up pushing force you can easily use a floor 1:38scale to determine how much pushing force you can create another word for 1:44pushing force is compression to compress means to squeeze where to push together 1:53for pulling force you can use a spring scale to measure the strength of a 2:00pulling force spring sales are common for measuring the way to fish or white 2:06parts and another word for a pulling force is tension 2:13to provide tension means to pull apart so in this tutorial we continued on 2:22learning about forces we determined that the size of enforce is most commonly 2:28measured in Newtons and Newton is about the weight of a medium apple and to 2:36measure pulling forces or compression we could use some floor scale to measure 2:43pulling forces or tension we could use a spring scale' 

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