'How Parents Can Motivate Kids with ADHD to Break the Habit of Lying'

'How Parents Can Motivate Kids with ADHD to Break the Habit of Lying'
04:08 Apr 23, 2021

'How can parents motivate kids with ADHD to break the habit of lying. One of the most common responses I hear when speaking on ADHD issues is that kids or adults are just making excuses for their bad behavior. I mean anyone can have a problem with lying, perfectionism, messiness, boredom, or mood swings. Well, that’s true, we are all human and we all struggle with different hang ups. The key difference with ADHD is the why behind the struggle. One of those learning and attention issues is a weakness in executive functioning. Tip #1 Be intentional about teaching those connections that don’t seem obvious to them. Ask questions and help them break down the steps that landed them where they are and walk through how they can make a different decision next time. This isn’t something you teach once. It’s an ongoing conversation so that they can learn pattern recognition. Tip #2 Set them up for success, not failure. Sometimes it’s tempting to want to catch your kid in a lie, but the best thing for kids with ADHD is to remove the shame and be consistent with consequences. Tip #3 Be patient. It’s about them, not you. It’s not a personal attack on you as a parent when they lie. This is an issue of brain development and a weakness of executive function. Be the adult and have a thick skin. No more confusion or wondering how you’ll face the roller coaster of life with mental illness. Mental Health Academy ( https://mentalhealth.academy/ ) is here to take the mystery away, and give you the knowledge and the tools you need to have relationships that last! The time is NOW to get our first course: Trauma. ------------------------------------------------------------------

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