'Motivate Your Homeschool Students with Simple, Hands-Free System'

'Motivate Your Homeschool Students with Simple, Hands-Free System'
09:58 Apr 27

'Homeschool moms: I\'ve been there! Sometimes your kids just don\'t want to do the work, right? So, how can you keep your homeschool positive while motivating kids to put in the work that real learning often requires? Answer: Hands-free ticket reward system! Let me share a very simple ticket reward system that will help keep your homeschool motivated and positive without overloading you with yet another thing to keep track of. This is totally hands-free for you mom, I promise! No nagging, not monitoring, no reminding, no threatening, and best of all: no charts or checklists. Help your homeschool students take charge of their daily responsibilities with this super simple system. Here are the tickets I use for the ticket reward system in our own homeschool: https://amzn.to/2Xn4Rhv Stay tuned for the follow-up video that will focus on the longer-term results of developing intrinsically motivated life-long learners in your homeschool.'

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