'Fun Kids Fitness Workout! BEGINNER / WARM-UP EDITION! (PE and Family Exercise)'

'Fun Kids Fitness Workout! BEGINNER / WARM-UP EDITION! (PE and Family Exercise)'
11:41 Apr 29, 2021
'Check Out Our AwEsOmE NINJA TURTLES WORKOUT: https://youtu.be/dC3fgkK9EkU CONNECT WITH US ON INSTAGRAM: @TazKidsConnection and GO TO TAZKIDS.COM!  Welcome Friends to TAZ Kids Fitness!!! We are the place that keeps exercise FuN for Kids, Kids at Heart, and the Whole Family!  MAKE SURE TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!  Buckle up because this will be the MOST fun you will find in a fitness video channel! They are lead by Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom and his 2 kids Ax age 4 and Zave age 7!  Fun Kids Fitness, Family Exercise, Homeschool PE!   On this edition we will be doing a FUNNY BEGINNER WORKOUT / WARM-UP!    Like and Subscribe to this video so you will be updated when we release future videos as well! WELCOME to the TAZ Kids Fitness Family! We are glad you are here!  CHECK OUT OUR OTHER FUN WORKOUTS!  Click here for TAZ Kids Fitness Gear:  https://teespring.com/stores/taz-kids-fitness  Click for our FuN Workouts!  Fitness On The Farm: https://youtu.be/La4E4cUM1ok  Ninja Turtles Edition: https://youtu.be/dC3fgkK9EkU  Superhero Edition: https://youtu.be/vce2LUUB6pY  Sports Edition: https://youtu.be/kjVbWGypumo  Animal Kingdom Edition: https://youtu.be/yoSKfYjTgXE  Beginner Workout / Warm-up Edition: https://youtu.be/fbZCs6Pqato    #Kids  #Workout #Exercise #Fitness! #FamilyFun #PE #HomeSchool #HIIT #Aerobics #Calisthenics' 

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