'how to motivate children in solving the 3x3 cube ?'

'how to motivate children in solving the 3x3 cube ?'
04:07 May 11

'#Solving3X3 #3X3Cube #RubiksCube #Speedcubing #Rubikswonderkids #UnboxingRubiksCubes #Cubers #Vachann&Sankalp #rubiksPuzzles #hyderabadcubers #rubikskids Krishna Vachann and Siva sankalp are brother of 14 and 8 yrs ... Initially vachann started solving rubik\'s cube 3x3 puzzle and later taught it his brother sankalp. Sankalp also learnt it. Their interest developed into a passion and they learnt solving a lot of cubes and Puzzels like Cubes: 2X2, 3X3, 4X4, 5X5, 6X6, 7X7. Cubiod like 2x2x3 and 3x3x1. Pyramid cubes: Pyramorphix, pyramix , Master Pyramix (4×4) , Master morphix. Prisms:Megamix and KiloMix Puzzles : Sqaure-1, IVY, Skweb, Mirror 3x3, mirror 2x2, Barrel 3x3, DNA 3X3. Fruit puzzles like: Banana , Apple , Peach , Orange , Lemon etc They want to learn more cubes and Puzzels https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLtX94aCkrIt4VuVlatkaZQ?sub_confirmation=1'

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