'Kids Workout! SONIC 2 GYM CLASS! Real-Life VIDEO GAME! Kids Workout Videos, DANCE, & P.E. FUN!'

'Kids Workout! SONIC 2 GYM CLASS! Real-Life VIDEO GAME! Kids Workout Videos, DANCE, & P.E. FUN!'
17:56 Jan 25

'Had fun? Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE! :) Kids workout videos! So much fun with this Kids exercise video workout! Try all of our kid workout videos and video game workout! Want to finish this workout, and watch MUCH MORE just like this?! Get 2 Free Weeks of Sweatshop On Demand here... WWW.SWEATSHOPONDEMAND.COM See us on the NEWS here... https://youtu.be/UlHHnoRQ0Ds See us on the NEWS AGAIN here.... https://youtu.be/2eCYZsow-v4 See us on the NEWS ANOTHER TIME here... https://youtu.be/ZNj4lqV9vM8 Join our 100% FREE Facebook Group of over 1000 members.... https://www.facebook.com/groups/1074683156223863/?ref=share Hey Kids! It\'s time for a SUPER FUN workout with all your SONIC friends! Come DANCE and EXERCISE with SONIC, KID SONIC and the SWEAT KIDS, with this INTERACTIVE REAL LIFE VIDEO GAME WORK OUT...and see if you can win all the races to get the HIGH SCORE! It\'s a SUPER HERO GYM CLASS workout! This is a super fun workout for kids, adults, and the whole family! Watch how Sweat Kids Maverick and Savannah become SUPER HEROES! You will DANCE, WORKOUT, and EXERCISE with all you favorite cartoon, video game, TV, movie, and super hero characters! To see the complete video, and for more videos just like this one: Super FUN exercise with all your favorite characters, visit... WWW.SWEATSHOPONDEMAND.COM Contact Email: [email protected]'

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