'[SUPERHERO TABATA] Full Body Workout for Kids - Glenn Higgins Fitness Remix'

'[SUPERHERO TABATA] Full Body Workout for Kids - Glenn Higgins Fitness Remix'
04:19 Jan 27

'*Support the channel! = } https://coach-meger-fitness-games.myteespring.co/ Tabata Remix of Glenn Higgins Fitness TV\'s Kids Workout Series. Glenn has a ton of really great workout videos for kids on his channel and he allowed me to make this remix of them to a tabata timer and workout music. (Valesco - Cloud 9) Our K-2 absolutely LOVE these Superhero workouts and we have even used them with up to 5th grade and most older students even played and laughed along with the video and exercises. Really fun way to mix up your fitness routines in the gym with large classes of 60+. Check out Glen Higgins Fitness TV linked at the end of the video. He\'s taking technology in PE to a whole new level! More on Glenn’s channel here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvuT1Bjs2VSF0Yqahj8VAKBwyYFnLJIDa'

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