'What\'s the Benefit of Teaching a Group Fitness Classes?'

'What\'s the Benefit of Teaching a Group Fitness Classes?'
07:20 Jan 23

'I get it - the group exercise world seems so \"interesting\". It\'s a bunch of people jumping around with loud music, a crazy person at the front yelling and you don\'t even understand what they are doing.... Isn\'t that just chaos? Trust me... I was there. I even said, \"I don\'t want to be an Aerobics Instructor\" ( It was all thong leotards and tights, right?) But I did it and the more time I spend in group fitness, the more passionate I become about WHAT teachign Group Fitness Classes Does for someone - Regardless of experience! WHY Do I think you should teach Group Fitness Classes? 1- Confidence 2- Courage 3 - The Discipline and Attitude to always get better over time, not matter where you start. These are qualities that people look for when they hire someone for their company... so what are you waiting for? What not work on these skills and also lose some calories in the making? YES, you can do it! [email protected] www.liveyour10.com'

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