'\"Never Have I Ever...\" (Winter Holiday Workout For Kids)'

'\"Never Have I Ever...\" (Winter Holiday Workout For Kids)'
06:42 Feb 14

'Holiday Workout for Kids (Never Have I Ever... Holiday Edition!) Follow along with this family friendly winter theme fitness Tabata music. Answer the Never have I ever question with the corresponding exercise! If you have done the activity, copy the movement on the left, if you haven\'t.. copy the workout or dance on the right! https://coach-meger-fitness-games.myteespring.co/ Holiday \"Never Have I Ever...\" Trap TABATA music from Coach Meger Fitness Games! This holiday edition would you rather fall theme interval workout assistant shows new workouts every 30 seconds for up to 8 stations. This allows the teacher to group students in a number of ways and workout to a variety of exercise stations. TABATA is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) used by fitness programs ranging from elementary PE to professional athletes. Each exercise in a given Tabata workout lasts only four minutes, but it\'s likely to be a pretty sweaty four minutes if you\'re doing it right. The structure of the program is as follows: Work out hard for 30 seconds... Rest for 10 seconds... REPEAT. Complete 8 rounds. You push yourself as hard as you can for 30 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. This is one set. You\'ll complete eight sets of each exercise. This is a very simple fitness activity we sometimes use to warm up the students in our elementary PE class.

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