'Four Corners Mouse Trap Challenge | Kids & Family Workout (Updated)'

'Four Corners Mouse Trap Challenge | Kids & Family Workout (Updated)'
06:44 Mar 6, 2021

'Play one of the MOST popular games EVER!!! Four Corners with a Mouse Trap twist. Kids and family fun workout! The \"Four Corners\" game is popular with teachers, students, parents, and more. It\'s simple to play, and it offers an opportunity for students to burn off some excess energy. It\'s a fun activity to offer as a reward at the end of a week of hard work and excellent effort. Four corners is a fun and easy game you can play in the classroom or with a group of friends. All you need to play four corners is a group of people, a few sheets of paper, and a pen or pencil. Label your corners 1 - 4 like you would when playing regular four corners. Video Inspiration: Marianne Hertzog Video Outline: Intro 0:00 Skip Intro & Start 0:43 ===================

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